Amanda Mouradian, DVM,
Sabina Johnson, DVM

Carolyn Fletcher, DVM

What is a session like?
Standard appointments will be scheduled for 30 minutes. At Home: The vet will bring the equipment with them to your house. Have your pet's favorite treats ready to help keep still for treatment. Set up is best in a comfortable spot for your pet, such as on a rug or pet bed, with a standard outlet nearby to plug the unit in. At Facility: Just bring your pet! (and own treats if preferred). Safety glasses are available for everyone to wear during operation, as well as "doggles" for your pet. Your pet may feel a gentle warm sensation at the point of application. While the vet applies the laser to your pet, their assistant will distract with treats and pets to make for an enjoyable experience. After only a couple sessions, most pets love the experience and are excited for their next appointment!

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is an effective and painless treatment option for chronic or acute pain and inflammation. It uses specific wavelengths of light that stimulate healing on the cellular level, promoting blood flow and healthy tissue regrowth. With no known negative side effects, it is a great option for pets of all ages and safe to use along side many health conditions.

In addition to sessions at our rehab facility, we now have a second therapeutic laser unit for us to bring on house calls!

Laser Therapy

Is Laser Therapy right for my pet?

The vet will evaluate your pet's condition to assess if Laser Therapy will be beneficial for your pet. We most commonly treat pets with chronic pain such as from arthritis or an old injury. It is also effective in reducing inflammation from acute injuries and helpful in postoperative pain relief and healing.