What is rehabilitation? Rehabilitation is physical therapy for dogs. Dogs of all ages can benefit from rehabilitation!

Rehabilitation promotes increased muscle mass, reduces pain, helps with rebuilding neurological pathways and improved mobility. Much like after surgery in humans, pets return to mobility and full function faster following surgical procedures with rehabilitation. Rehabilitation assists senior animals age gracefully by maintaining mobility, increasing strength while promoting healthy nerve and joint function for a better quality of life.

Dr. Melissa Dezendorf, our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and Veterinarian, will create a plan specifically to increase your pet's mobility and improve your pet’s quality of life. We use fear-free techniques and never force a patient to do anything uncomfortable or anxiety-provoking. Dr. Melissa will work with you to determine the correct services for your pet.

How to Set up an Appointment for Rehabilitation:

1) Request records from your regular veterinarian and have them emailed to info@chamisavet.com with subject: Rehabilitation Referral (recent blood work and x-rays are important information for us to construct a treatment plan). Please see your regular veterinarian regarding your pet's condition before making an appointment for rehabilitation to ensure that rehabilitation is right for your pet.

2) Our Office Manager will contact you to make an appointment once records are received or you can call (505) 795-2300 to get started right away if you are an existing client of Chamisa Veterinary Services. 

Services include:

- A state-of-the-art underwater treadmill for muscle re-education and strengthening; the buoyancy of the warm water reduces strain on muscles and joints while providing resistance for muscle conditioning

- Therapeutic exercises designed to increase your pet's strength, agility and coordination using a variety of devices

- Class 3b laser therapy which increases blood flow to painful areas, decreases inflammation and promotes healing. 

- Soft tissue modalities for releasing trigger points, myofascial restriction and promoting increased flexibility as well as range of motion

- Electric Stimulation (ESTIM) for re-educating muscles, increasing strength and decreasing pain

- A personalized home exercise, massage and mobility support plan for you to implement at home between visits

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