Amanda Mouradian, DVM,
Sabina Johnson, DVM

Carolyn Fletcher, DVM

​​What to expect on the day of euthanasia:
-We will arrive at your home within 30 minutes of the scheduled time and will have a basket with all the needed supplies.
-There will be paperwork for you to sign and we will take payment prior to the procedure. We do this in person digitally and require wifi or cell service to get done. Otherwise, we can email the forms and invoice up to 24 hours prior which you can either print out or email to us so you can get that taken care of before the sad day.
-When you are ready, your pet will be given an injection of a very powerful sedative.  This is given under the skin in the hip area.

-While this is done, we'll ask that you rub and distract your pet so that they don't notice the needle.  Most pets do not even notice this injection, but occasionally there are a few who complain briefly and calm quickly afterwards.
-The sedation takes anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes for the pet to become completely unconscious. We will monitor them and will not give the second injection until they are completely asleep.
-The final injection is given in the rear leg after they are completely unconscious.  They will not feel the poke or the injection. You are welcome to remain by your pet's head and chest area to speak to them and wish them godspeed across the rainbow bridge.

​-After they have transitioned, we can make an impression of their paw in clay if you desire.

Rainbow SeniorCare

What is Rainbow Senior Care? Dr. Amanda Mouradian, a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian, will create a personalized home care plan for your senior pet in their golden years. This also includes family emotional support, respect for religious practices surrounding end of life, and frequent technician check-ins by our trained rainbow care coordinators. 

   In Home Euthanasia

~Peaceful Transitions at Home~

When the time comes for your beloved pet to transition away from suffering and into peace, we are here for you in the comfort of your home. This is often a new experience for pet owners who have not known the tranquility of allowing their pet to pass at home.

~ We also offer in-clinic euthanasia for a reduced cost for those clients wanting a peaceful transition but who cannot afford home euthanasia ~

Senior Pet Comfort Care

-Who is this program for? It is for all pets over 10 years of age in need of a specialized health plan in their senior years
-Our services are offered for in home care and includes pain evaluation and management, management of chronic diseases (such as kidney disease, thyroid disease, etc), nutritional support, laboratory/blood test monitoring, preventative care with supplements and custom tailored exercise programs.
-We are able to give referrals to local specialists for advanced care like dentistry, surgery, etc

Hospice Care
-Who is this program for? It is for all pets diagnosed with a terminal illness (such as cancer, kidney failure, dementia, etc.)
-We offer aggressive pain management, appetite and hydration support, supplemental and herbal support, and personalized medication planning

-We tenderly provide family counseling surrounding end of life care every step of the way with you
-No invasive testing or procedures
-We give the option as well as guidance for hospice supported natural death vs. in-home euthanasia

Care for the remains include Aquamation or home burial:
-We can take the remains for Aquamation and either have the ashes returned to you or spread on private land outside of Lamy. 
-If you choose home burial, we strongly recommend a hole that is at least 4 feet deep to prevent scavengers.  We can assist with placing the remains in the hole with you.  
-If you chose to take your pet for cremation yourself, We can assist with loading your pet into your vehicle.

We are now using Chamisa Aquamation for Pets for Aquamation. You can check out their website here:

We also recommend 4 Ever In My Heart pet memorial products. You can visit their website 

Parting Stones is an additional service that can take your pet's cremation remains and turn them into beautiful stones. You can visit their website